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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Farm and Tractor Party Round Up

Do you have a little one who is obsessed with tractors? My nephew is and he knows all the names of the different kinds too!
Today I have brought together a collection of some of my favourite tractor and farm themed parties I found on the internet.
First up from Kara's Party Ideas is this Down on the farm party.
I love the use of egg boxes to hold cupcakes and create a Farmers Market treat table. This party also uses lots of straw which is obviously just perfect for a farm party.
Again from Kara's Party Ideas is this farm yard party using lots of animals! I love this cake and have seen quite a few similar ones around (including one my sister-in-law made with piggies!).
I also love the use of the red gingham and I think it immediately makes you think farm.
Here's another party uses the red gingham from Birds Party.

I also love the barn boxes and milk cartons with cow print! How adorable! I also love the rosette table decoration and picket fence in this picture.
 Speaking of picket fences - they look so sweet!
You could make some fencing from lollipop sticks or card quite easily or if your little one has a farm set you could use some of that.
You could also use their tractor toys and other farm toys in the decoration if they'll let you! If they're a bit protective of their favourite toys then maybe get some new ones for them (second hand from charity shops?) and use them as decoration for the party first. Here are a few ideas...

John Deere is probably one of the more well known tractor "brands". In my village we have a John Deere shop with loads of tractors out front - my nephew loves to go past when he visits!! So if you have a tractor loving littly then I'm sure they'll love a John Deere themed party with lots of green and yellow.
And how about having a go at making your own tractor using large cardboard boxes?! Would be great for photos of the kids at the party too.
Well, that's it for this weeks round up. If you would like some party inspiration you can have a look at my Farm and Tractor Party Pinterest board.
Till next time, take care
Suz and the Party Padawans x