Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Can You Afford A Party?

Hello and good morning to you all. We've had a bit more snow again this week but the sun is out today and I'm told that spring might actually make an appearance this year sometime soon!!
I thought I share a couple of articles I found this morning on the price of price and the competition to give your child the best party ever!! Party competitiveness is certainly something I've noticed in the past with my kids friend's parties, although in recent years most of the parties have been more at home parties which the kids really do enjoy. From my experience, just having something a little special is enough to make them go "Wow!" and really make the party.
Here are the links to the two articles I found
Extravagant Parties and Planning Children's Parties
I will continue to search out new ideas which are affordable and easy to organise to help you in your party planning.
My two youngest are both already planning their birthday parties with me (they're also already thinking ahead to next year!!) so I will share ideas we have come up with. My son is autistic so parties have always been quite difficult for him as he gets stressed with too many people around. He also likes to be organised so we have a mind map with ideas for the party. We have started with the theme he wants and branched off with games he'd like and ways to theme them, food he wants and again ideas for themes and we've thought about the party bags and things that would actually be used to put in them.
My daughter is far less fussy and will be happy as long as she has her friends and cake!! Easy!!

Well, for now, goodbye and take care
Suz x