Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bored Jar Activities We've Been Doing!

Hello, I hope you're all well.
We have been enjoying doing some of the activities from our bored jar over the past few weeks!
Here are a few of the things we have done with some links to tutorials!

Well, first I must apologise that is the only photo I have of the finished rock candy - they got eaten rather quickly!!
I honestly didn't think they would turn out so well. My advice to to make sure the sugar has cooled down quite a lot before putting the sticks in - I had to redo ours as the sugar on the sticks had just dissolved.
You really should try these! The kids will love seeing how the crystals form and can have fun mixing colours and flavours.

Photo Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Padawan #2 and I went on a walk around our village to do our photo scavenger hunt. Before we left, we both made a list of things the other person had to find. As you'll see we had to be a little creative with some of the letters!! 
We made a little video using Windows Movie Maker too which could be an additional activity for older children.

String Maze

This is a really good activity to help children with problem solving and cooperation! My two had a few disagreements and difficulties at first but after a little guidance and advice they got on with it and were both really proud of the end result. 

Build A Blanket Fort!

Who remembers making these as a kid? I used to use my mum's clothes dryer and an old blanket!! I have to say, my kids took it to another level!! They even had camping rolls down on the floor in case they decided to sleep in the fort (they actually didn't but spent most of a day in there!!).

The padawans also made meringues and doughnuts but I'll do another post shortly with recipes for those! 
I hope we've managed to inspire you to try out some of these fun ideas over the various holidays, long weekends and just normal weekends!! 

Take care
Suz and The Party Padawans xx